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O'Scemo, the Neapolitan trattoria in the historic center of Naples

In a world where normality wears a suit and tie, "o'scemo" dances to his own tune, wearing a pointed hat and a pair of striped circus pants.

"O'Scemo" is like the conductor of a comic show in the great comedy of life; a soul who colors outside the lines of social design, the master of controlled madness!

Why does everyone call him "O'Scemo"?

His name hides worlds of linguistic and historical mysteries: some say it comes from the Latin root "sceles", meaning "crazy", defining our friend as a master of controlled madness who carries forward the message that normality is overrated, others instead they suggest a theatrical derivation, attributing to him the role of a funny character, who with crazy and bizarre stunts, was called "fool" for his incredible ability to make people laugh.

The fool is a hero without a cape and its disruptive energy reminds us that thinking about acting in an extra-ordinary way can have extra-ordinary consequences.

Welcome to his world, where reality is colored to the rhythm of extravagant moves and the luxury of fun reigns.

See you at the table!

For info and reservations write to loscemocentrostorico@gmail.com or call +39 081 335 7889
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You can find O'Scemo in the historic center in Via Francesco de Sanctis 1, corner of Via Nilo - 80134 - Naples.

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